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StarTech 2 Port High Speed HDMI Auto Switch


So I recently picked up an Xbox One which rounds out my collection of current generation console systems (Wii U whats that?). I play a majority of my games on one of my 23″ ASUS monitors as opposed to a TV. It may seem weird, and well it is but I became accustom to it during my few years on college.

My ASUS monitor only has on HDMI input so finding a solution so that I didn’t have to manually unplug and replug each console every time I wanted to swap was kind of imparative for me. Doing a quick Amazon search I found the StarTech switch for around 20$.

I will say for 20$ you get what you pay for, its plastic, feels kind of like a McDonald’s toy, and doesn’t look like the most technologically great thing. However I will say all things considered this thing is working out very well. Its got 3 LEDs, one shows that its powered and the other two indicate what HDMI port is being passed through. I can switch between the ports with a simple click of the button on the unit as well. I have not tested out the autoswitch portion as that doesn’t serve too much purpose for me right now.



Overall real happy with it and its simplicity. Oh I also enjoyed that they included a short HDMI cable as well.


IMG_20150708_193146098 IMG_20150708_193152532

New Router WRT1200AC

IMG_20150705_124546591New day, new router!

This time I got a Linksys WRT1200AC, this is the little brother to the WRT1900AC. Modeled after the old WRT54GL which I’d say was the most popular router a few years ago due to its price point and its functionality. I myself still own 3, all of which have DDWRT firmware on it which I still pop out on occasion for various projects.

The upgrade on this one is that it provides 4 x 1gb ethernet ports and built in wireless AC across 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands. My current home network mainly runs off 2.4ghz as there isn’t too much interference in my area but having 5ghz will help in the future.


Now the router itself is gigantic compared to what I’m use to. Typical these days but still off putting for me. Setup was easy, plug and play really. The interface can be seen below but in a matter of 10 minutes I got my fairly complex network up and running. Overall I’m happy with it so far.





Kickstarter: Glowdeck has finally arrived!

KickstarterGlowdeckPledgeI backed it in April of 2014, it was slated to be finished by July of 2014, lets just say that didn’t pan out. However I finally received my Glowdeck pretty much a year to the date that I backed it.

What does it do? Its basically a nightstand clock, that provides me with the time, weather, various updates on social media, speakers to play music / podcasts, glows when a notification comes in and most importantly is a wireless QI charger. So ironically when I purchased this I was utilizing my Nexus 5 as my main daily / work cell phone, and having a QI charger to just put my phone on and have it charge was exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately I have since upgraded my phone to a Motorola X 2014 which unfortunately does not have wireless charging (and also wobbles). So for now that feature is unused, until hopefully my next phone has it.

Its a pretty cool concept and the build quality is pretty solid, software has a lot to be desired, but at the end of the day I kickstart projects so that 1. I get something (not going to lie about this one) and 2. help someone out that has a dream. This accomplished both and I pleasantly surprised at how nice the product I received is.


IMG_20150605_193210882 IMG_20150606_154149965

Sorry for the shitty photos lighting is terrible. (Phone camera is terrible too)