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Kickstarter: Glowdeck has finally arrived!

KickstarterGlowdeckPledgeI backed it in April of 2014, it was slated to be finished by July of 2014, lets just say that didn’t pan out. However I finally received my Glowdeck pretty much a year to the date that I backed it.

What does it do? Its basically a nightstand clock, that provides me with the time, weather, various updates on social media, speakers to play music / podcasts, glows when a notification comes in and most importantly is a wireless QI charger. So ironically when I purchased this I was utilizing my Nexus 5 as my main daily / work cell phone, and having a QI charger to just put my phone on and have it charge was exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately I have since upgraded my phone to a Motorola X 2014 which unfortunately does not have wireless charging (and also wobbles). So for now that feature is unused, until hopefully my next phone has it.

Its a pretty cool concept and the build quality is pretty solid, software has a lot to be desired, but at the end of the day I kickstart projects so that 1. I get something (not going to lie about this one) and 2. help someone out that has a dream. This accomplished both and I pleasantly surprised at how nice the product I received is.


IMG_20150605_193210882 IMG_20150606_154149965

Sorry for the shitty photos lighting is terrible. (Phone camera is terrible too)


Santa Barbara Pit Stop

So this past week during a business excursion down to Ventura we took a quick pit stop in downtown Santa Barbara, California. We of course visited what I would consider the “original” Habit burger grill and had fantastic lunch. (Vegetarians beware)



But this wasn’t the cool / interesting / (do you care) part of this excursion. Instead I was taken to the “Santa Barbara Public Market” a place I’d never heard of, never been to, and had apparently just opened (within the last 2 years).


Its a large indoor market with a lot of different assortment of food areas, ranging from noodles, to a grocery store (small), to even a wine bar. The main reason we stopped here was to visit a small bakery called “Enjoy” to pick up some cupcakes. Long and short was that these cupcakes were fantastic and I would / will visit again.

IMG_20150529_134306893_TOP     IMG_20150529_140018653

Campo Santo Poster!

My Campo Santo Firewatch poster finally arrived, ordered it back in November and they finally got it printed and sent. Definitely a worthwhile purchase, kind of wish I was smarter and got the 3 set instead of just choosing one.

Experience - Campo Santo


New Site!

Site Now

Time for a new host, time for a new site! It took some searching but I found a good host. Spent sometime with Amazon’s Cloud service EC2, spent some time with their S3 service, and didn’t find either one quite up to what I was looking for.


Amazon EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing) was quite intuitive and very secure. I was quite surprised at how many stop gaps there were to ensure security to your server, security key, RDP client configuration and port routing right before you’d spin up a VM. What I was not a fan of was the pricing, for a lab environment the Amazon Free service doesn’t provide enough of a system to be useful (1gb of RAM just isn’t gonna cut it).

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) was also quite intuitive as well but the long and short of it was that it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.

Self hosting on my home lab was also another option that I thought over. However due my paranoid nature and the need to open a variety of ports (80, 443) I believed that perhaps keeping my home lab separated from the WAN was a better idea.

Ultimately I decided back onto paying for shared hosting for both the cost as well the ease of access that a lot of hosting companies now provide. Previously I’ve had experience with Godaddy, HostGator, 1&1 Hosting, all of which had their ups and downs (Godaddy being the worst at spamming me with calls). I ended up going with Dreamhost since I’ve heard a lot of good things about them (and I had a coupon code). Will I stay with them after my initial year? Not sure hard to say but so far its been just as good as the others.