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StarTech 2 Port High Speed HDMI Auto Switch


So I recently picked up an Xbox One which rounds out my collection of current generation console systems (Wii U whats that?). I play a majority of my games on one of my 23″ ASUS monitors as opposed to a TV. It may seem weird, and well it is but I became accustom to it during my few years on college.

My ASUS monitor only has on HDMI input so finding a solution so that I didn’t have to manually unplug and replug each console every time I wanted to swap was kind of imparative for me. Doing a quick Amazon search I found the StarTech switch for around 20$.

I will say for 20$ you get what you pay for, its plastic, feels kind of like a McDonald’s toy, and doesn’t look like the most technologically great thing. However I will say all things considered this thing is working out very well. Its got 3 LEDs, one shows that its powered and the other two indicate what HDMI port is being passed through. I can switch between the ports with a simple click of the button on the unit as well. I have not tested out the autoswitch portion as that doesn’t serve too much purpose for me right now.



Overall real happy with it and its simplicity. Oh I also enjoyed that they included a short HDMI cable as well.


IMG_20150708_193146098 IMG_20150708_193152532