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Kickstarter: Glowdeck has finally arrived!

KickstarterGlowdeckPledgeI backed it in April of 2014, it was slated to be finished by July of 2014, lets just say that didn’t pan out. However I finally received my Glowdeck pretty much a year to the date that I backed it.

What does it do? Its basically a nightstand clock, that provides me with the time, weather, various updates on social media, speakers to play music / podcasts, glows when a notification comes in and most importantly is a wireless QI charger. So ironically when I purchased this I was utilizing my Nexus 5 as my main daily / work cell phone, and having a QI charger to just put my phone on and have it charge was exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately I have since upgraded my phone to a Motorola X 2014 which unfortunately does not have wireless charging (and also wobbles). So for now that feature is unused, until hopefully my next phone has it.

Its a pretty cool concept and the build quality is pretty solid, software has a lot to be desired, but at the end of the day I kickstart projects so that 1. I get something (not going to lie about this one) and 2. help someone out that has a dream. This accomplished both and I pleasantly surprised at how nice the product I received is.


IMG_20150605_193210882 IMG_20150606_154149965

Sorry for the shitty photos lighting is terrible. (Phone camera is terrible too)